About Our Boarding School for Boys

Blue Ridge School is a boarding school for boys, with grades nine through twelve. We are a private school that serves young men who respond well to small classes, a structured environment and a strong sense of community. Our faculty challenges each boy to reach beyond his current level of performance and expectation to discover his potential. We develop character by nurturing qualities such as integrity, courage, perseverance and empathy.

The average class size is eight, and the average student load per teacher is 40. This allows teachers to give personalized attention and to individualize their teaching materials for each student. Blue Ridge School understands that boys learn differently than girls, and the School uses a Learning Model designed specifically for boys.

Social activities, the arts, clubs, community service and athletics are valuable vehicles for the development of young men. Blue Ridge School offers a number of co-curricular programs that build self-esteem and develop leadership and teamwork skills.

Blue Ridge School has been built upon the values of integrity, civility and a strong work ethic. Our CODE OF CONDUCT is unique in that it is written for both our students and the adult members of our community. Additionally, our code incorporates the concept of Brother’s Keeper – promoting a peer culture of responsibility and obligation to each other.

Blue Ridge School’s campus is located twenty miles from Charlottesville, Virginia, and only about 2 hours from Washington D.C. and Richmond, Virginia. Our campus, which comprises nearly 750 acres, lies at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

“Max is doing ‘fantastically’ at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

"He finished his freshman year with a 3.4 - truly illustrative of the self-discipline and the intellectual confidence he gained at BRS.

"The foundations in mountain biking and outdoorsmanship’ that Cory Woods instilled in him have continued to be a source of happiness and grounding as he treks through those flatirons whenever he possibly can!”

Alexandra Koneff (Max 2014, attending the University of Colorado, Boulder)