2017 Brokenback Challenge

The 19th annual Brokenback Challenge took place on Sunday, September 17, 2017. This four-event challenge requires a four-person relay team to complete a canoe race around the lake, a two-mile run on the Chesley Creek trail, a swim across the lake and a two-mile mountain bike race. 

The first place winners (pictured left) were Ballard Earley, Ty Ewen, Bryce Adkison and Liam Moran. Here's the video of the start of the race. (Mr. Cory Woods was the overall winner completing all four events just for fun!).

The second place team included Paul Du '19, Harry Xue '18, Howard Jiang 19, and Paul Lu '18.

The third place team included Henry Robinson '19, Joseph Whelan '20, Tristan Adams '19, and Keenan Alexander '20.

The event is sponsored by the BRS Outdoor Program each year, and several of the program’s coaches also competed (David Welty, Cory Woods and Emily Simmons.

All contestants received a t-shirt. For photos of the event taken by Alex Marchetti '18, click here.