BRS Celebrates Helen Morris’s 50th Anniversary

With great fanfare and appreciation, the community of Blue Ridge School celebrates the tireless devotion of Helen Morris on her 50th anniversary working at the School.

At morning assembly on February 6, Headmaster Trip Darrin shared the story of Morris’s sister-in-law recommending her for the job, despite reservations about Morris’s ability to handle the work. A short time later, Morris was hired to housekeeping staff and assigned to clean and maintain Mayo Hall, which she has done steadfastly for five decades.

Darrin says, “You’d be hard-pressed to find another example like Helen Morris, someone whose loyalty, work ethic, and determination sustain such a career of service. And Helen does it day-in and day-out with a huge smile on her face and love pouring from her heart. Helen simply likes being around people; she enjoys the casual chat with co-workers, loves it when a Blue Ridge boy says “Good Morning!” or stops to ask how her day is going. She told me yesterday that she remembers that Monday morning in April 1968 clearly, saying it doesn’t seem so long because for her, Blue Ridge is a second family.”

Helen Morris with former facultySurrounded by family, former faculty, and the entire student body, Morris thanked echoed Darrin's comments: "I have always enjoyed working here at Blue Ridge and getting to know everyone. I don't intend to stop working any time soon."

Morris and her husband Elvin have been married for 56 years and are lifelong Greene County residents. They have six grandchildren and another six great-grandchildren. Many of her family and friends were present to share in the recognition of her lifetime of commitment to School.