Convocation 2017

The Convocation Service for the 2017-2018 school year was held on Sunday, September 10, in Gibson Memorial Chapel. Headmaster Trip Darrin first addressed the students and faculty members (click here). Mr. John Young followed with his annual address to the senior class in which he encouraged them to lead the School by setting a good example. 

Students who were selected for leadership positions were recognized at this service.

Crucifer: Franck Germain '18
Verger: Jaab Veskijkul '18
Acolyte: Logan Marshall '19
Acolyte: Keane Emmans-McGill '19

Class Representatives:
From left: Junior President Khaled Aburamadan,  Junior Representative Paul Du, Senior Representative Taku Endo, Junior Vice President Eric Li, Senior Representative Katiso Tlelima, Senior Vice President Juan Mareco, Senior President Jaab Veskijkul

Front row, from left: juniors Khaled Aburamadan, Tristan Adams, Myles Ham, Caleb Werner, Eric Li
Back row, from left: Bryce Aylor, Logan Marshall, David Ayriyants, Kris Deane, Keane Emmans-McGill, Paul Du

From left: seniors Kyle McCurley, Jaab Veskijkul, Juan Mareco, Katiso Tlelima, In Yong Song, Taku Endo, Connor Modd, Abdoulaye Camara, Darius McGhee

Honor Council:
Front row, from left: seniors Jaab Veskijkul, Connor Modd, In Yong Song, Harry Xue
Back row, from left: seniors Nawaf Al Saud, Ballard Earley, Franck Germain, Yilin Kong, Juan Mareco

Disciplinary Committee:
From left: seniors Tyler Ewen, Kyle McCurley, Jack Cline, Abdoulaye Camara