Why an All Boys School?


Boys learn differently. In an all-boys’ school environment, we can tailor instruction to complement those differences and help boys to succeed. As a Blue Ridge student, boys will benefit from small classroom size, the pace of instruction, a competitive academic curriculum, and many extracurricular activities. The dedicated Blue Ridge faculty and their families live on campus and serve as advisors, dorm parents, coaches and mentors – ensuring that the boys feel genuinely connected to their Blue Ridge team. This tailored experience ensures that Blue Ridge boys work hard, take risks and develop strong values and character to succeed in college and adulthood.


At Blue Ridge, boys do and achieve more, without the pressures involved in a coed environment. The athlete, the artist, the poet, the public speaker, the musician and the actor are all roles filled by boys at Blue Ridge. By branching out into new areas, taking risks on new activities, and developing new skill sets, our boys move into college and life with confidence and poise.


Research indicates that boys as a group are falling behind girls in academics, emotional well being, and social connection. Teenage boys need a place where they can stop, take a deep breath, look at themselves and their direction in life, admit where things are going wrong, and find the necessary support and guidance to move toward success. Boys need our undivided attention; they need our time; they need our advice 

and patient guidance; and they need our unconditional love and appreciation for the gifts each of them brings to this world. Boys’ schools, such as Blue Ridge School, exist specifically for this purpose. It is what we do, and we will continue to do it every day. Join us

My son and nephew both attended Blue Ridge which provided a top class education in a beautiful setting. The boys were well prepared for college and were accepted into some of the top universities across America. They come from all races and all the continents. The Fishburne Learning Center is ranked among the best in the nation and the faculty members live on campus and work hand-in-hand with parents. There is a great rapport in this very vibrant community!
- Mimie Oshodin (Richard '13, graduated from the University of San Diego.)