Character Skills Snapshot

The Blue Ridge School is dedicated to helping each boy fulfill his potential both in and beyond the classroom. Character development is a vital component of the Blue Ridge experience. For the past two years, we have participated in an effort led by the Enrollment Management Association to create a Character Skills Snapshot.

The Character Skills Snapshot is a new online assessment tool that provides both Blue Ridge School and your family with a more holistic view of your child. It measures your son’s character skill development and is meant to complement more traditional cognitive assessments, such as the SSAT. The Character Skills Snapshot will provide Blue Ridge School with richer, more complete picture of your son and will highlight areas where we can help your son grow, thrive and excel.

Because Character Matters.

At this stage, we are not using the snapshot as an admission's tool. Rather, we require accepted students to take the snapshot for two reasons. First, we will use the information we gain from the snapshot to refine our character education programs to focus on developing the traits that our boys need most. Second, we intend to use the data to establish a baseline for each student so that we can measure his growth during his time here.  

Students who have taken the SSAT can take the Character Skills Snapshot for no additional fee. Students who have been accepted to Blue Ridge School must click on the image above to take the assessment. You will need to pay a $25 fee. However, we will refund that cost by adding $25 to your son's student account once he is enrolled.

We care about how our students grow—not just in cognitive skills such as writing and math, but also in character skills such as integrity, resilience and social awareness. These skills will carry them forward into a successful adult life. Character and personal growth are an integral part of an independent school education. The Snapshot is meant to provide a snapshot in time of your son’s character skills—it is not a fixed, absolute measure. It provides a way for us to get to know your son better and an opportunity for him to explore the ways in which his community can enrich and develop his intellectual curiosity, teamwork, initiative, responsibility, resilience, self-control, open-mindedness and social awareness.


Click here to go to the Character Skills Snapshot.

In my years at Blue Ridge, I watched Mr. Cory Woods change boys by showing them that they could in fact jump farther or climb higher. It was incredible to see boys who had never been exposed to the outdoors jumping off rock ledges into swimming holes or taking a tough mountain bike trail and then excitedly telling their friends what they had accomplished.

Both he and Mrs. Carrie Woods are a huge part of the reason I am a student at UC, Boulder!

- Max Koneff ’14