Frequently Asked Questions for International Students

If you have any additional questions, please call us at 434-985-2811 or fill out an online information request form and a member of our Admissions staff will be in touch with you shortly. We look forward to assisting you in any way we can.  

What is the application fee for international applicants?

The application fee is $100 and can be paid online through our online application

What are the testing requirements for an international applicant and do international applicants need to submit scores to apply for admission?

An international applicant should submit iTEP SLATE, TOEFL Junior, TOEFL, SSAT or the Duolingo English Test scores to be considered for admission; however, we do not use minimum scores to eliminate students.

Our TOEFL school code is: 7249

Our SSAT school code is: 1744

All international students who do not speak English as a first language are re-tested once they arrive at Blue Ridge School to determine language proficiency and placement into our three-tiered English Language Learner (ELL) program. For more information about the ELL program, please click here

Do I need to do an interview as part of the application?

Yes, we do require an interview. The interview can happen during a campus visit, or through a Skype or phone call. For more information about application requirements, please click here.

Is it required that I have a guardian to study at Blue Ridge School?

While we do not require our students to have a U.S.-based guardian, it is very helpful.   

Does Blue Ridge School issue I-20s to international students?

Yes. Once a student has been admitted and has signed and returned the enrollment contract to Blue Ridge School’s Admissions Office, an I-20 will be created and mailed to the F-1 applicant. Please note that international students must also obtain a visa to study in the United States. 

Where do Blue Ridge School’s international students come from?

Currently, we have international students from the following countries: Ghana, Thailand, Mexico, China, South Africa, Taiwan, Egypt, Spain, Lesotho, Jamaica, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Canada, Vietnam, Russia, Hong Kong, Bahrain and Japan. Currently 30% of our students are international.

What do international students do on school breaks and vacations?

Our dorms are closed for Thanksgiving break, Christmas break and Spring Break. For each of these breaks, all students must leave campus. Often, international students will decide to visit their families in their home country, or stay with a relative or guardian in the United States. We also offer an optional annual Thanksgiving break trip and international Spring Break trip for interested students. 

What airport is closest to the Blue Ridge School?

The closest airport is Charlottesville Albermarle (CHO) airport. Students may also fly into Washington Dulles (IAD) airport which is about 2 hours from campus. For school vacations, we do have a school bus that will take students to Washington Dulles airport for an additional cost.

What type of chapel service does BRS have?

BRS was founded by and Episcopalian Reverend in 1909. We ask that all students, regardless of faith or religious background, be respectful during our chapel services, but students are not required to participate. When possible, we are happy to make accommodations to take students to alternate places of worship. Blue Ridge School does not discriminate based on faith or creed and we have students from numerous faiths at our school. 

Do I need to have health insurance through a U.S. company?

Yes. We do require that all international students are covered by a U.S. based health insurance company. Students who do not already have coverage may opt to purchase the School’s health insurance policy.

We really look forward to your application! If you have any other questions, please contact our Admissions staff at 434-985-2811 or email

"I love that my sons go to this school! Recently my middle child texted me that he was going to start mountain biking! This is the boy who is not into sports! Blue Ridge is changing my sons for the best! The teachers are encouraging them to try new things! Thank you Blue Ridge!"
- Joy Neumann (Zach '19 and Preston '21)