Groves Family Legacy Tuition Program

Blue Ridge School Announces a Legacy Tuition Program

BRS is very proud of its alumni. Their accomplishments as students, citizens and good men of character will always be the finest measure of the School's success. 

In recent years, Blue Ridge has become a family tradition for many. Sons, grandsons and nephews of our alumni are coming in larger numbers, as are brothers, step-brothers and cousins of current students. 

Our faculty and Trustees see this as a tremendous compliment - as well as a strong statement to the marketplace about the value of a Blue Ridge education. 

To celebrate and further encourage this progression, BRS is pleased to create a Legacy Tuition Program. 

New applicants to Blue Ridge who have a family link to an alumnus or current student will receive an alumni tuition scholarship of 10%, applicable to the total amount of their tuition and fees. 

For those families who might seek merit or need-based financial assistance, this scholarship will be offered in addition to that assistance. 

The traditional application process will still apply for Legacy Tuition Program candidates. The Legacy Tuition Program will follow a student as long as they are enrolled at BRS. 

It is the School's hope that this program encourages more BRS families to consider how their next generation might enjoy the benefits of Blue Ridge. 

To discuss this program in more detail, please contact Jamie Miller, '94, Director of Admission, at 434-992-0428 or

In a time when the line between boys and girls seems blurred, I think Blue Ridge stands out. The world still expects boys to become gentlemen and that is something only boys can become. Gentlemen are produced through experience and atmosphere, which is where Blue Ridge excels. - Archie Morgan (father of Jacob '15, Connor '16 and Selby '19)