International Events

Blue Ridge School’s International Program hosts a variety of events throughout the year that celebrate our School's diversity.

International Program Spring Break Trips: All BRS students are welcome to participate in our international Spring Break trips. In past years, BRS students and teachers have traveled to Peru, Scandinavia, Costa Rica, Denmark and Spain for Spring Breaks. 

Foreign Film Nights: Our Citizens of the World club sponsors foreign film nights to give all students a chance to experience movies made outside of the U.S. 

World Foods: We celebrate foods from the home countries of our students throughout the year. Students have sampled suspiros and meringues (Panama), rote grütze (Germany), fresh spring rolls (Thailand), kelewele (Ghana), beef tacos and horchata (Mexico), dumplings (China), olivje salad (Russia), mochi (Japan), chak chak (Kazakhstan), codfish and potatoes (Bermuda), Inka Cola and arroz con leche (Peru), fool mudammas and pita (Egypt), vine leaves and vimto (Saudi Arabia), and chin chin (Nigeria). For photos, click here.

Korean BBQ: All Blue Ridge School students are invited to try authentic Korean barbecue, including chicken and beef bulgogi and kalbi at local area restaurants. Occasionally students also help prepare kimbap and kimchijeon for on-campus events as well. There are also trips to local ethnic restaurants (Thai, Chines, South African). For photos, please click here.

Lunar New Year: Each year we celebrate the Lunar New Year. Past celebrations have included a performance by Chinese acrobats, special New Year foods from those countries who celebrate the New Year in the dining hall - many of the dishes are prepared by students. We also celebrate Dawali, All Saints Day (Mexico), Carnival/Fat Tuesday, Thai New Year, Eid Al Adha/Muslim New Year and the Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival (in DC).  

Performances: We offer multi-cultural performances which, in the past, have included a group of Senegalese performers who performed West African drumming and dance, Chinese dancers, and more.

In my years at Blue Ridge, I watched Mr. Cory Woods change boys by showing them that they could in fact jump farther or climb higher. It was incredible to see boys who had never been exposed to the outdoors jumping off rock ledges into swimming holes or taking a tough mountain bike trail and then excitedly telling their friends what they had accomplished.

Both he and Mrs. Carrie Woods are a huge part of the reason I am a student at UC, Boulder!

- Max Koneff ’14