Transfer to BRS

Mid-year school transfers are considered on an individual basis.

At Blue Ridge School our admissions office staff and Academic Dean offer a seamless transition for your son. His current grades, the courses he’s completed and his test scores will be carefully considered when determining the best schedule of classes for him at Blue Ridge.

His advisor and roommate will be selected in advance of his arrival. Your son’s advisor is a good resource for both parents and students. We welcome you to contact the advisor before your son begins classes.

For more information, contact our Admissions Office or call 434-985-2811.

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In my years at Blue Ridge, I watched Mr. Cory Woods change boys by showing them that they could in fact jump farther or climb higher. It was incredible to see boys who had never been exposed to the outdoors jumping off rock ledges into swimming holes or taking a tough mountain bike trail and then excitedly telling their friends what they had accomplished.

Both he and Mrs. Carrie Woods are a huge part of the reason I am a student at UC, Boulder!

- Max Koneff ’14