Housing and Dining


Blue Ridge School seeks to create a home away from home for our boys. Residential life is the centerpiece around which every other aspect of the Blue Ridge experience revolves. Caring, committed teachers serve as Hall Parents in the dorms and offer students guidance and friendship. Hall parents are assisted in creating a familial environment by junior Proctors and senior Prefects. Proctors and Prefects are elected by faculty and peers. These boys serve as “older brothers” to the students in their halls.

Working together, the residence-life team creates an environment that allows boys to enjoy their own academic successes and personal growth. Within a carefully structured college preparatory curriculum and in a unique Blue Ridge Mountain setting, a caring and committed community helps each young man to experience, enjoy and expand upon his potential for success in all aspects of his life.

Dorm Parenting is a series of multiple, interwoven tasks that require time, commitment, determination, and patience. The goal of every dorm parent is to develop the potential and individual talents of every boy while providing a loving, safe environment for his growth. A dorm parent must establish and monitor daily routines for those boys under his charge. Blue Ridge School believes our students must be treated with the same respect as we deserve to be treated. Dorm parents must observe behavior and teach the correct behavior when necessary, while recognizing that adolescence is a search for individuality and independence.


Blue Ridge School and SAGE Dining Services® are pleased to present an exciting dining program!

The talented chefs from SAGE Dining Services® have transformed lunchtime at Blue Ridge School into a daily culinary adventure. Our students are treated to real food, cooked from scratch. SAGE’s seasonal menus are custom designed for us, reflecting the students’ preferences as well as the fresh products available in the market. SAGE’s registered dietitians review and approve each menu to ensure that it offers a wide variety of nutritious choices.

Click here to learn more about SAGE and dining: http://www.sagedining.com/sites/blueridge/

“Max is doing ‘fantastically’ at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

"He finished his freshman year with a 3.4 - truly illustrative of the self-discipline and the intellectual confidence he gained at BRS.

"The foundations in mountain biking and outdoorsmanship’ that Cory Woods instilled in him have continued to be a source of happiness and grounding as he treks through those flatirons whenever he possibly can!”

Alexandra Koneff (Max 2014, attending the University of Colorado, Boulder)