Student Leadership

Blue Ridge School emphasizes the importance of providing capable young men opportunities to develop as leaders. Here are some of the most prominent of the positions held at Blue Ridge School:

Prefects generate school spirit, serve as role models for the student body on and off campus and are residence hall leaders. Prefects are elected by their fellow students and faculty. They are appointed because they have earned the respect of the entire Blue Ridge community by showing good character.

Proctors have the specific role of assisting dorm parents and prefects with the management of the dorm wing on which they live. As with other leadership positions at Blue Ridge, these students are leaders by virtue of their character and the example they set. They are normally juniors, chosen by a vote of the faculty and the students each spring. They participate in leadership training throughout the course of the year.

Honor Council
The Honor Council is a body of seniors who help educate the Blue Ridge community about being honorable as defined in the School’s Code of Conduct. The Council provides peer discipline for alleged honor code violations. With an appointed faculty advisor/moderator, the Council ensures that due process, fairness and consistency are exercised in Council hearings. During hearings, Council members listen to the facts in the cases and recommend consequences to the Dean of Students. The Council is elected by the faculty and students with the Headmaster’s final approval.

Student and Faculty Disciplinary Committee
Similar to the Honor Council, the Disciplinary Committee is charged with ensuring a complete and fair hearing for students who have allegedly violated school rules that are not honor violations. The Committee is composed of three student representatives, chosen by a vote of the faculty and the students, and three faculty members. Both groups are appointed by the Headmaster.

Student Council
The officers (President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary) of each of the four classes form the Student Council. The President of the senior class serves as President of the Student Council, the President of the junior class serves as Vice-President/Treasurer of the Council, and the President of the sophomore class serves as Secretary of the Council.

The Student Council members are defined by the concept of leadership through service. Their role is to monitor student morale, to serve as conduits for information to and from their peers to the Dean of Students and to recommend changes to School policies as they see fit. They are also dedicated to providing service to the School community.

Sacristan and Verger
The senior leadership positions of Gibson Memorial Chapel are the Sacristan and the Verger. In medieval times, the Sacristan was responsible for the conduct of the service and the Verger for the attentiveness of the congregation. Today, the seniors who serve in these positions assist the Chaplain in planning and carrying out all aspects of the Chapel program.

“Max is doing ‘fantastically’ at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

"He finished his freshman year with a 3.4 - truly illustrative of the self-discipline and the intellectual confidence he gained at BRS.

"The foundations in mountain biking and outdoorsmanship’ that Cory Woods instilled in him have continued to be a source of happiness and grounding as he treks through those flatirons whenever he possibly can!”

Alexandra Koneff (Max 2014, attending the University of Colorado, Boulder)