2019-20 Event Calendar

Download a PDF of the 2019-20 calendar here.


Blue Ridge School Key Events Calendar

16    Football and ELL Camp Registration 1-3pm
26    Soccer Camp and Senior Leaders Registration 1-3pm

3    All students registration 11am-3pm
4    Opening Day 8 Convocation 10:30am
27   Fall long weekend begins 12:00pm
30   Fall long weekend ends 7:00pm

11-12  Fall Parents Weekend
24-25  Board of Trustees Meeting
25-26  Homecoming/Alumni Weekend

19-22  Exams
22    Thanksgiving Holiday begins 12:00 noon

2     Thanksgiving Holiday ends 7:00pm
15    Candlelight Service 7:00pm
20    Christmas Holiday begins 12:00 noon

5     Christmas Holiday ends 7:00pm
18-19  Open Weekend
31    Mid-Winter Break begins 12:00 noon

3     Mid-Winter Break ends 7:00pm
25-28  Exams
28    Spring Break begins 12:00 noon

15    Spring Break ends 7:00pm
26-27  Board of Trustees Meeting

5-8  Character Ed Class Trips
9     Easter Break begins 12:00 noon
13    Easter Break ends 7:00pm
24-25  Spring Parent Weekend

9-10  Open Weekend 24 Honors Service 10:30am
26-29  Exams
29    Underclassmen depart 12:00 noon
29    Baccalaureate 4:30pm
29    Senior Class/Parent Event 6:00 pm
30    Commencement 9:30am-11:00am

25-26  Board of Trustees Meeting

The Groves Family Legacy Tuition Program honors Robert W. “Bobby” Groves III ’67 and his family. Bobby and his wife Anne were the first alumni parents to enroll a child at BRS. Their son Billy graduated in 1995 and their nephews Johnson and Robert Stevens were equally successful here, graduating in 2003 and 2006, respectively.

Blue Ridge is incredibly proud of this legacy and for the sterling example that Bobby and his family have set.