Leaves and Vacations


(Students may not go home on a closed weekend.)  

September 8-9
September 15-16
September 22-24
November 10-11
February 23-24
April 18-19 (Required Character Ed Field Trips)
May 18-29



The School is using Boardingware.com for online leave requests. If you haven't received an email from Blue Ridge School with Boardingware registration information, please contact Hans Hermanson at hhermanson@blueridgeschool.com. For detailed instructions on how to use Boardingware.com, please click here.

Blue Ridge School offers two different types of leave: Scheduled Vacations and Other Occasions.

1. Scheduled Vacations consists of six specific vacations listed here and on the School calendar. Leave for these vacations requires the custodial parent or guardian to submit by the deadline listed.

2. Other Occasions include Open Weekends, Standard Weekends, Day Leaves and other absences. 

Please pay particular attention to the deadlines so we can monitor the safe departure and return of your son. Only with your timely attention can we help boys with their travel plans and help monitor their safe return. Your cooperation and support is invaluable and most appreciated.

Because early departures and late returns are very disruptive to our students, we ask the parent's cooperation in coordinating travel arrangements that coincide with the School’s schedule of holidays and leave times. Exceptions will not be made in order to accommodate travel arrangements. 

It is imperative that all students return to campus by 7:00 pm on the last day of a vacation or any other leave. If a student is delayed en route to the school, he should call his parents so that, if necessary, alternative plans can be made. The parents should then call the School (434) 992-0501 advising us of the delay and change in travel plans. While every effort will be made, the School cannot guarantee assistance in transportation needs in the event of delayed returns.

It is vital that the School be able to account for a student’s whereabouts. The School takes its responsibility to ensure that students do not leave the campus without parental permission very seriously. For these reasons, leaving school without permission from the Residence Life office will result in a hearing before the Disciplinary Committee immediately upon the student’s return to school.

It is also the student’s responsibility to be sure his leave is approved and to sign out in the Boardingware when he leaves and returns to school.

"I recommend this school to any parent of a boy. Great place to learn the responsibilities of a man in today's society and a wonderful environment to grow." - Mary Anne Valente, Evan Wade '17