Boardingware Leave Forms

Blue Ridge School is using to help make requesting and approving leaves a more effecient process. All parents have received an email from with instructions on how to sign up and login. If you have any questions, please contact or Hans Hermanson (, 434-992-0521).

Parents are now required to use Boardingware to sign out their sons for leaves.  

1. Go to and login

Note: If you haven't gotten an invitation by email, please email Hans Hermanson at

2. Create your own password

3. Once you have logged in, you will be the Parent Portal

4. You should also be connected to your son. If you are not connected to him, however, you will still be able to completely apply for a leave request. 

5. Boardingware may ask you to "allow access" to your location. We advise that you accept this because it will enable us to ensure that is you (the parent) making the request. 

6. Click "Apply for Border Leave"

7. All the weekends when students are allowed (and/or required) to leave will be displayed. You must submit leave requests for all of these dates. 

8. If you would like to request a date that is not listed, you have the option of requesting either a "Standard Leave Request" or a "Special Leave Request." 

9. A "Standard Leave Request" should be selected if your son's leave does NOT conflict with any school obligation (games, classes, etc.)

10. A "Special Leave Request" should be selected if your son DOES conflict with any school obligation (games, classes, etc.). 

11. If your son would like to go to another BRS boy's house, both you and the hosting parent must fill out separate leave requests.  In the "Notes" section of the leave request, each party should state that they give permission for the visit. The parents of the guest boy should write something like: "I have given permission to let my son stay at ---'s house." The parents of the hosting boy should write something like "I agree to host -- at my home during these dates." 

12. Boys are also capable of applying for leave requests by themselves, however both you (the parents) and Hans Hermanson will also need to approve the leave requests. 
Note: If you have sent a leave request and it has not been accepted, there could be a problem either with the dates or a conflict that you might not know about. If you have any problems with Boardingware, contact Hans Hermanson and he will help you to resolve them.

We are beyond happy with Matthew's growth at BRS! He became such a strong student. He became the student I always knew he had in him! So very, very proud of him! As his parents we are fully aware that such success did not come without a tremendous amount of support and nurturing from the entire BRS faculty! We will never be able to fully express our gratitude! - Yvonne Sening (Matthew '14 is attending Ithaca College.)