Parent Association

A warm welcome from the Parent Association Presidents!

On behalf of the Blue Ridge School Parent Association, we would like to welcome all our new and returning Baron families!  We are very excited to serve you as the Parent Association Co-Presidents this 2018-2019 school year.  We have had the pleasure and good fortune of three sons being part of the Baron family; Jacob ’16, Connor ’17 and Selby, our youngest who will graduate in 2019.  Blue Ridge has given so much to our family and our sons.  Archie and I are so honored to be able to give back to both the BRS boys and their parents.

The good news is that as a parent at Blue Ridge School, you are automatically a member of the Parent Association!

We invite you to attend our Parent Association meetings, usually held in the fall and spring, during Parent Weekend.  We also welcome your participation, assistance and feedback throughout the year!

The fundraising dollars the Parent Association generates each year provide so much: spirit events, birthday treats, exam snacks, teacher appreciation, the senior dinner on the eve of graduation for seniors and their families, and graduation gifts for seniors.  Additionally, when funds allow, we make a lasting gift of significance that directly benefits the students while they are at BRS.

Our main fundraisers each year traditionally have been Fall and Spring Parent Weekends.  This year we would like to get our fundraising done early!  Please consider being a sponsor for Fall Parent Weekend and be sure to sign up at (select Blue Ridge School Incorporated, St George, VA) to support the BRS Parent Association. 

Most importantly, please join the Baron Backers!  Together we can add a special touch for the boys to make their experience at the Blue Ridge School truly outstanding.

Please don’t hesitate to call, text or email one of us for anything at all,
Brooke  (985) 264-6997,
Archie (985) 705-3443


Brooke and Archie Morgan

"I recommend this school to any parent of a boy. Great place to learn the responsibilities of a man in today's society and a wonderful environment to grow." - Mary Anne Valente, Evan Wade '17