BRS Transcript Requests

Former students may request that their Blue Ridge School transcript be mailed to a specific address. Please submit your request in writing to the Blue Ridge School registrar and include your full name, date of birth, year of graduation or departure from Blue Ridge. You must also provide the address where you'd like the transcript sent.  You should allow up to two weeks for processing. 

Transcripts will not be released without a written request. Please email your request to our registrar.

273 Mayo Drive
St. George, VA 22935

Current students needing transcripts sent to various colleges or organizations should request the transcript through Naviance Family Connection by following the policies outlined in the College Handbook. 

In a time when the line between boys and girls seems blurred, I think Blue Ridge stands out. The world still expects boys to become gentlemen and that is something only boys can become. Gentlemen are produced through experience and atmosphere, which is where Blue Ridge excels. - Archie Morgan (father of Jacob '15, Connor '16 and Selby '19)