Character Education Field Trips

WAIVER FORMS: 9th grade students - 10th grade students

The Blue Ridge School Character Education Program includes service-learning trips designed to encourage the boys to learn the benefits of community service and to gain a greater understanding and empathy for those less fortunate. 

Character Education (CE) at Blue Ridge School adheres to our overall educational philosophy and to the best practices of teaching boys. CE should be experiential and relational in nature, occur in small groups, combine formal and informal methods, and appeal to all learning styles. We intersperse CE lessons throughout the academic year in a variety of ways. However, the three to four day trips enable us to condense CE into an immersive experience that encompasses all aspects of CE. 

The purpose of the Senior Character Education trip is to give the seniors a chance to demonstrate that they have internalized the ideals of the BRS Code of Conduct during their tenure here. On Sunday the seniors will perform a service project and work together on our challenge course. Monday will consist of a physically demanding outdoor challenge, the details of which will remain secret until the event. On Tuesday and Wednesday morning the seniors will have a chance to reflect on their BRS experience and mentally prepare for college. Click here for this trip's packing list.

The junior class will travel to Oak Hill, West Virginia, for whitewater rafting and service with the Southern Appalachia Labor School (SALS). They will begin their trip with a white water rafting experience on the New River in West Virginia, then head to the Historic Oak Hill School where they’ll perform service work for two days. Click here for this trip's packing list. 

The sophomores will partner with the Youth Service Opportunities Project (YSOP), performing an urban service learning project in downtown Washington DC. This project will give our students a chance to experience and improve the lives of people living in urban poverty by preparing and serving meals, helping to plant community gardens and beautify neighborhoods, and spending time with senior citizens. They’ll visit one college en route to DC, and then meet with representatives of YSOP for service projects. They'll prepare, serve and eat a meal with people who are homeless. (Click here for this trip's packing list.)
 The freshmen travel to Eagle’s Landing for a five-day Wilderness Adventure trip that includes wilderness-based challenges that encourage teamwork, self-reliance, perseverance and resilience.

(Click here for this trip's packing list.)

In a time when the line between boys and girls seems blurred, I think Blue Ridge stands out. The world still expects boys to become gentlemen and that is something only boys can become. Gentlemen are produced through experience and atmosphere, which is where Blue Ridge excels. - Archie Morgan (father of Jacob '15, Connor '16 and Selby '19)