Code of Conduct

This Code defines what we hope every adult and young man affiliated with Blue Ridge School to be and to do. It includes the School’s Honor Code, and encompasses the core values of our community. Our Code is posted in every classroom and throughout the campus to inspire the community to always do right in thought and in action.


The Golden Rule

Treat others the way you want to be treated.


I will be honest in all my interactions with others. I will not lie, cheat or steal, nor will I tolerate these actions by others.


I will respect myself and others. I will respect others’ property and privacy. I will play by both the letter and spirit of the rules. My words and actions will show respect for those in leadership positions, as well as my peers.


I will take responsibility for my actions, rather than make excuses or blame others. When I fall short, I will learn from my mistakes and try again.

Moral Courage

I will stand up for my beliefs. I will do what I know to be right, regardless of the consequences or what others do or think.

Work Ethic

I know that nothing worthwhile can be achieved without sacrifice. I will not fear failure but will embrace challenges and persevere through adversity to achieve my dreams. I will never quit or give up.


I will work to develop healthy habits of mind, body and spirit. I will not use illegal drugs or other harmful substances.

Brother’s Keeper

At Blue Ridge School and beyond, I will help others even when it requires personal sacrifice.

In a time when the line between boys and girls seems blurred, I think Blue Ridge stands out. The world still expects boys to become gentlemen and that is something only boys can become. Gentlemen are produced through experience and atmosphere, which is where Blue Ridge excels. - Archie Morgan (father of Jacob '15, Connor '16 and Selby '19)