College Prep Counseling

College prep counseling at Blue Ridge School begins the moment a student sets foot on campus. We want them to be fully immersed in the Blue Ridge School experience and students are encouraged to take full advantage of the opportunities afforded to them in and out of the classroom. The college counseling program at Blue Ridge School is focused on discovering good matches between our students and post-secondary institutions. Students are more likely to succeed at colleges that are aligned with their capabilities and interests. Working together with students, parents, guardians, coaches and teachers the college counselor provides support and assistance in the application and decision making process.

We offer a variety of academic opportunities for students along with a wealth of resources to discover meaningful summer enrichment opportunities. In the 9th and 10th grade years students work in small groups to begin to identify potential academic and college interests. In the 11th grade they move from small groups to individual meetings as the process begins to narrow down. In the 12th grade year we take a very individualized approach, aiding each student in completing an application package that speaks to the strength of that student and shows why they would fit a particular institution. In addition we offer the ACT and SAT on campus and provide opportunities for test prep for those exams along with the TOEFL.

Colleges are looking for students that have taken advantage of the opportunities that lie before them. While the student steers the ship, the staff is here to support each boy in discovering his passion, his love of learning through passionate teachers and experiential learning. College admission offices will carefully examine students’ grades, course rigor, extra-curricular involvement, test scores and recommendations. At Blue Ridge a student has an opportunity to raise the bar and achieve something more than he has before. Sitting on the sidelines is not an option for Blue Ridge students and when they leave they do so with confidence; academically, socially, athletically, musically and artistically.

If you have any questions regarding Blue Ridge School’s College Counseling Program, please contact Mrs. Amber Wilkins, Director of College Counseling at or 434-985-2811 ext.222.

Click here for the presentation Mrs. Wilkins gave to parents of juniors during Parent Weekend. Click here for her handout.

In my years at Blue Ridge, I watched Mr. Cory Woods change boys by showing them that they could in fact jump farther or climb higher. It was incredible to see boys who had never been exposed to the outdoors jumping off rock ledges into swimming holes or taking a tough mountain bike trail and then excitedly telling their friends what they had accomplished.

Both he and Mrs. Carrie Woods are a huge part of the reason I am a student at UC, Boulder!

- Max Koneff ’14