ELL Summer Camp

August 16 - September 3, 2019

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The Blue Ridge School in Virginia is offering a 15-day summer English ELL Program. This is an intensive camp designed for international students who have various English-skill levels and want to significantly and quickly improve their English skills through total immersion from the first day on campus. 

Class time is balanced with time for experiential activities that reinforce what is taught in class. These afternoon activities include theater, music, art, and cooking, as well as soccer and other outdoor sports. The program’s highlights include exciting outings to nearby historical sites including those in Washington, D.C., the U.S. capital. Students will also visit top U.S. universities. Our school is nestled at the base of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains where the air is clean and fresh. Our location gives students the opportunity to explore outdoor adventures with trained teachers.

Why enroll?

• We offer three curricula based on the student’s English skills.

• Students will improve their English and become accustomed to life in the United States and to life at a boarding school. 

• They will meet and spend time with many teachers and other adults on campus.

• They will live in the dorms with native English speakers and have the opportunity to interact with American students during the camp.

• Blue Ridge School has an outstanding English as a Second Language Program. 

• Our teachers are experts in how boys learn, and in teaching to non-English speakers.

• Students will enjoy many fun activities both on and off campus.


Who should enroll?

The camp is for male students in grades 8-12 and is open to new and returning BRS students, and students who will not attend BRS, but would like to immerse themselves in a summer U.S. language program. We recommend this program to any international student who is coming to live in the United States for the first time and to returning Blue Ridge School students who’d like to refresh their English before school starts. They will improve their English skills to a level that will allow for academic success. This program will also rapidly enhance the use of the language for even those with very good English skills and better prepare them for the start of school. In order to enroll in the 2014-2015 school year at Blue Ridge School, a new international student must meet certain language requirements. Our intensive end-of-summer program allows students who would otherwise not have the opportunity to enroll at Blue Ridge to “catch up.”

To register, contact kgee@blueridgeschool.com.

The Groves Family Legacy Tuition Program honors Robert W. “Bobby” Groves III ’67 and his family. Bobby and his wife Anne were the first alumni parents to enroll a child at BRS. Their son Billy graduated in 1995 and their nephews Johnson and Robert Stevens were equally successful here, graduating in 2003 and 2006, respectively.

Blue Ridge is incredibly proud of this legacy and for the sterling example that Bobby and his family have set.