FLC Teachers

Blue Ridge School’s Fishburne Learning Center has evolved into a resource that extends throughout the campus. To a large degree, the FLC owes its success to the talent and dedication of its teachers who have made the Center the focus of their careers. The passion and expertise of these talented individuals shape the entire learning structure for not only each student at Blue Ridge but the School’s faculty as well. Click on the images below to read their profiles.

Director Dr. Kevin Miller

Christa Fye Ms. Christa Fye

Mrs. Wendy Evans

Sean Curran Mr. Sean Curran

Ms. Janice Brasted


In 1993, Dr. Kevin Miller joined the faculty of Blue Ridge School and was soon involved in the initial creation of the Fishburne Learning Center. In 1998, he became its first full time Director. From the FLC’s outset, Dr. Miller has had the center geared towards helping kids improve their reading and writing skills, while honing their organizational and learning strategies. The goal of Dr. Miller’s FLC is teaching students how to learn for themselves, and not just provide a crutch.

Dr. Miller’s career took him away from BRS for the first decade of the new millennium, but he returned to St. George in 2011 to accept a post as Associate Headmaster for Academics, and Director of the FLC. Though it went through a period being mostly a support center, Dr. Miller was impressed with the state of the Learning Center upon his return. His predecessors (the Echols) did a good job returning the FLC to its root mission, and Dr. Miller was able to quickly set about working to get students more conscious of how they learn – thinking, talking and reflecting on what strategies work best for each individual.

Dr. Miller’s ever-evolving philosophy focuses on metacognitive principles which encourage students to self-search and thus determine how each boy can learn best. Dr. Miller explains, “The key is being honest with oneself, ‘owning’ how one learns. It’s too easy for the tutor’s voice to become the student’s, but at the Learning Center, we encourage each student to develop his own voice.” Once the student has found his voice, he has truly prepared himself to conquer academic challenges at both the high school level, in college and beyond.

"I’ve met other guys from all over the country and all over the world at Blue Ridge School. It’s been a great experience to become friends with them. I’ve learned a lot about other cultures and myself.”
- Afanna Offor '15