Graduation Requirements

Requirements for a Blue Ridge School Diploma are as follows:

• English – 4 credits, including American Literature and Composition, taken at BRS

• Social Studies – 3 credits, including 2 credits in US History and Government and 1 credit in a non-American History

• Mathematics – 3 credits, Algebra I and II, Geometry (required)

• Foreign Language – 3 credits in the same language

• Science – 3 credits, including Biology and Chemistry

• Physical Education – 2 credits

• Life Skills – 1 credit – may include Health, Fine Arts, Outdoor or SAT electives

• Electives – 2 credits

In a time when the line between boys and girls seems blurred, I think Blue Ridge stands out. The world still expects boys to become gentlemen and that is something only boys can become. Gentlemen are produced through experience and atmosphere, which is where Blue Ridge excels. - Archie Morgan (father of Jacob '15, Connor '16 and Selby '19)