Summer Programs

Blue Ridge School is excited to make our campus and faculty available for the greater community to use throughout the summer.  We sponsor several exciting programs in the summer and throughout the year, see the below list for details.  If you would like more information about renting our campus and facilities for your summer camp, please contact the Director of Special Programs, Cade Lemcke at or call 434-992-0549.

2018 summer camps will be posted soon.


Blue Ridge School's Summer Academic Program offers students the opportunity to complete a full-credit course in either Algebra 2, 9th or 10th grade literature through a blend of face-to-face and online instruction with teachers who are experts in how boys learn best. For more information, click here.


Blue Ridge School is offering a 15-day summer English Language Learners (ELL) Program.  This is an intensive camp designed for international students who have varying English-skill levels and want to significantly and quickly improve their English through total immersion from the first day on campus.  For incoming students, the ELL Camp helps prepare them for the rigors of boarding school life.  For returning students, the ELL Camp helps prepare them for the college admission process, focusing on their writing and conversation skills.  For more information, click here.

My son and nephew both attended Blue Ridge which provided a top class education in a beautiful setting. The boys were well prepared for college and were accepted into some of the top universities across America. They come from all races and all the continents. The Fishburne Learning Center is ranked among the best in the nation and the faculty members live on campus and work hand-in-hand with parents. There is a great rapport in this very vibrant community!
- Mimie Oshodin (Richard '13, graduated from the University of San Diego.)