The Visual and Performing Arts

At Blue Ridge, we believe that a well-rounded young man is a creative young man. So we provide opportunities for boys to get involved with the visual and performing  arts, whether as a raw novice or a more advanced artist. The Beginning and Concert choirs introduce the boys to vocal music from a wide variety of genres, and teach them how to sing as part of an ensemble. For upper level singers, there is also the select a capella group, the Barontones. Blue Ridge singing groups perform regularly, both on campus and off. Boys may also audition for the Virginia District XIII and All-state choirs.

The language and structure of music may also be explored instrumentally as boys learn the keyboard or guitar/bass/ukelele. Group classes and private instruction are both available on campus. We provide many opportunities for the boys to perform right from the start, in formal recitals and informal open-mic stages.

Blue Ridge boys can take their first step onto stage through drama classes of beginning and intermediate levels, as well as co-curricular productions in the fall and winter. A drama is staged the first trimester and a larger musical during the winter. Student-written, acted and directed one-acts are produced in the spring.


The Blue Ridge visual arts curriculum strikes a balance between the four disciplines of the art world; aesthetics, art production, art history and art criticism. The overall goal of this approach is to ensure that the student knows how to interpret, appreciate and approach art with a historical perspective, as well as to be able to produce pleasing visual communications in whatever venue he will later choose as a career. While our curriculum’s goal isn’t for every student who takes an art class to go on to be a professional artist, they are expected to learn the confidence and knowledge about the arts that will assist them later in life. In addition to offering every student a basic knowledge, classes are also available for the student looking for more advanced study, as well as options for those who plan on making art a part of their daily lives or careers.

Visual Arts courses include Studio Art, Advanced Art, Independent Study (individual portfolio development), Computer Art, and Ceramics.

An Art option is also offered in the winter trimester as an after school program. 

In my years at Blue Ridge, I watched Mr. Cory Woods change boys by showing them that they could in fact jump farther or climb higher. It was incredible to see boys who had never been exposed to the outdoors jumping off rock ledges into swimming holes or taking a tough mountain bike trail and then excitedly telling their friends what they had accomplished.

Both he and Mrs. Carrie Woods are a huge part of the reason I am a student at UC, Boulder!

- Max Koneff ’14