We reach for our dreams.

Dhruv Mehrotra

Dhruv Mehrotra {guard and philosopher}

I first discovered basketball when I was in first grade in India. The coach saw me play and said he could see potential and that I should come practice with the team.

That’s why I came to the US to school—so I could play basketball and earn my position based on my hard work and skills.

When I arrived at Blue Ridge, the team was really welcoming and their motivation inspired me. They took me in, taught me plays, and the leaders actually care about the betterment of the entire team.

Even so, the first few months were hard. I kept reminding myself that this was my decision and I was here to learn and improve. It really helped when the entire school celebrated a Hindu festival of lights soon after I arrived. That surprised me because I was the only Indian here. People respect that I’m serious about my mindfulness practice and meditation.

Philosophy and physics are my favorite subjects, and I really like the classes at Blue Ridge. In India, it was all about rote learning—memorizing and regurgitating information—and I appreciate that here you learn how to apply stuff in the real world.

My family and friends back home noticed a change in me when I went back for spring break. Before Blue Ridge, I was very dependent on my parents. Now they say that I’m much more independent and physically stronger, too.

When it comes down to it, I just really like it here. It was a hard change for me but learning to live by myself and do things for myself is important for my life and my career, now and in the years to come.

Dhruv's Team

Myles Jones

Myles Jones


Dhruv is self-driven and pushes himself every day. He’ll come to the 6:00 AM workouts and stay an extra hour or so to work on his game. He’s always at the evening study hall practices, too. His consistent and driven work ethic keeps paying off as his defensive skills improve and he gains confidence on the court.

I asked him if he was the best on his team in India, and he said that’s why he wanted to come to the US—he needed more of a challenge. It takes a lot of courage to leave home and everyone you know to go to school in another country.

Dhruv has a good sense of humor—he’s very funny—and we crack jokes all the time. And his work ethic has definitely rubbed off on me! I’ve always worked hard on my game, but his drive has pushed me to go to another level.

Shubha Mehrotra

Shubha Mehrotra

{Dhruv's mom}

Since Dhruv started attending Blue Ridge, his confidence has soared. He was very shy and hardly ever interacted with teachers in his earlier school. Here he enjoys the curriculum and is fully engaged. He has become much more independent as he learns to balance his schedule on his own, and to become assertive without being aggressive.

Dhruv is getting the best possible training with an excellent basketball team and amazing coaches, which has been like a dream come true for him. The infrastructure at Blue Ridge, be it in sports or in technology lab, is top class.

The environment is very supportive, the faculty is so friendly, and he gets to choose from a wide spectrum of activities and subjects. And the fact that he is getting to live in a close-knit community while learning to balance his studies, sports and other extracurricular activities—all in a foreign land with kids from many different countries and cultures—is a tremendous learning experience.

Mr. Kirwan

Mr. Kirwan

{teacher and coach}

Dhruv embodies the term “student athlete” to its fullest. He shines in the classroom and on the court, and is a role model to his peers because he always works hard and never complains.

In my years of coaching basketball, I’ve never had another player so dedicated to improving himself. On the JV team, he met my high expectations and always strove to learn more and improve. As one of the youngest players on the varsity team, he didn't always see much time on the court during games, but that never stopped him from out-hustling just about everyone else, showing up early and staying late.

When I started teaching, I was excited to learn that he would be in my class. Dhruv studies hard and is a top-notch student who asks questions and adds great value to class discussions.

It’s kids like Dhruv who make our jobs as coaches and teachers so meaningful. I can't wait to see who he becomes when he completes his journey at Blue Ridge.