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Miguel De Serdio

Miguel De Serdio {International student and soccer fan}

I can honestly say that I learned more in three years here than in ten years in school previously back in Spain. Despite Spanish being my first language, the Fishburne Learning Center has bridged the gap really smoothly. The FLC is an unbelievable resource. The time I have spent there has made math and science prep really effective. I actually get to see the results. In my old school we had larger classes. I was not able to learn nearly as much until I came here, where my classes are only eight to ten people. The faculty and the school have made learning natural and fun for me, despite the challenges of being an international student.  Now that I am on the soccer team, I have a really well-rounded experience, and it’s pretty nice to be confident now that I can do it all. Truth is, I was a bit nervous at first.

(Miguel is attending IE University in Madrid.)

Miguel's Team

Pablo Llado

Pablo Llado

{Friend and Teammate}

I came to Blue Ridge three years ago.  There were no kids from Spain at that time, and it was nice to meet someone from home soon after. It turns out Miguel and I had more in common than just our homeland. We are on the soccer team together, and both play tennis. Even though he was a bit shy at first he really jumped in with both feet to many things.  He realized all there was to offer. Now, we both are on sports teams and do a hunting trip here once a year. I think we both want to work in international business when we graduate and this really is an amazing way to prepare.

(Pablo is attending the College of International Studies in Spain.)

Matt Bennett

Matt Bennett

{Advisor and Varsity Soccer Coach}

Miguel has been a great advisee. He's been a good influence on my advisee group, adding an international perspective. He's shared his passion for soccer particularly his love of the Seville FC soccer club.  He's a good student, getting better grades at Blue Ridge than he's ever earned. As quiet as he is, when you get to know him you'll find that he's very funny. BRS has been good for him. He's had a chance to play soccer here, his confidence has grown tremendously. He's become more assertive and more apt to advocate for himself.

Rhys Rodriguez

Rhys Rodriguez


Even though we’re from two different cultures, we connected right away. Miguel is really funny and everyone here enjoys his sense of humor and his pranks. He will cheer up anyone when they’re feeling down.

He spent Thanksgiving break with me and I visited him in Spain last year so we’ve both learned a lot about our different cultures. Even though our backgrounds are different we have a lot in common - like our love of soccer.

At Blue Ridge I’ve helped him with English and American History, and he’s helped me with Spanish and math. He’s a really good teacher and is great at explaining difficult math formulas in a way I can easily understand. I’m friends with his family and he’s friends with mine. I’m thankful Blue Ridge has an international emphasis. It has made us all more well-rounded.