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RoRo Rymer

RoRo Rymer {Fly Fisherman and Country Music Lover}

When I came to Blue Ridge, I already had an interest in the outdoors, but the school introduced me to another level. The competition (mountain bike racing) and the camaraderie (fly fishing trip to Idaho) have been great - and like most things at Blue Ridge, they reinforce teamwork. Everything in the classroom and out is sort of like a band of brothers—you can just turn around and you’ve got everybody that’s in your classes right there and you can always get to your friends or teachers whether you need to talk about homework or something personal.

I discovered a love of Physics here. Honestly, in such small classes you don’t lose track of any topic. There is not much opportunity for failure if that makes sense. The teachers just intuitively know where we all are on the subject matter. And since we are always trying something new, I found myself taking a robotics class last winter. We built these robots for a competition that were designed to pick up little wiffle balls and you had to lift them up into tubes…the higher the tube you could get it into the more points awarded…it was an interesting experience. Everything here is an adventure!

RoRo's Team

Sharon Rymer

Sharon Rymer

{RoRo’s Mom}

RoRo is a true Southern boy. I'll never forget one of his first phone calls home when he said, "They have sweet tea and comfort food – I'm never leaving the South!"

Before joining Blue Ridge School as a sophomore, Robert spent four years in a New England all-boys junior prep. He knew he wanted to continue in a single-sex environment – as he explains it, there is camaraderie in the all-boys brotherhood that a coed environment could never replicate. 

Being in an all-boarding environment means the boys are responsible for the quality of their community, and it teaches them that it is through their cooperation, trustworthiness, kindness and compassion that they create the atmosphere in which they live 24/7. Robert is particularly proud to have been selected as a floor leader this year and feels a great sense of pride in his Blue Ridge family.

Robert has always been independent, and at Blue Ridge he has been allowed to develop into his own person while also having great mentoring and guidance by his coaches, advisor and teachers. Words could never express how grateful our family has been for the compassion, encouragement and love RoRo has received.

Dan Dunsmore

Dan Dunsmore

{English Teacher}

I was RoRo's English teacher last year.  Though he was sometimes challenged by the material, he rose to that challenge without making excuses.  He also advocated for himself by discussing with me my quizzing and testing methods.  I really enjoyed those conversations because he was respectful and appreciative of my explanations. 

He was also a good friend to everyone in the classroom as he voiced his understanding of their perspectives even when he disagreed.  I like the fact that there is nothing showy about him.  He just bears down and gets the job done as best he can.  He's accepted for being his own man because he doesn’t make a big deal of it and because he’s so accepting of others.  Did I mention he likes country music?

Brian Walker

Brian Walker

{Friend and Confidante}

My friendship with RoRo is a great one…he is always someone who is there and he will help you with things that need to get done. If you are hurting, he is the type of friend to walk with you down to the nurse. He has done that for me many times. I will help him with things that he needs, if it was just someone to talk to or if it's just to hang out and play video games. We both know that we can count on each other.