Annual Fund and Package Giving

Here are a couple of examples of how your contribution would benefit the young men of Blue Ridge:
$5,000 gift and above would fund new computers, science field trips and building improvements. 
$2,500 gift would fund educational field trips to Washington, D.C., or Colonial Williamsburg, weekend outdoor trips (hiking the Appalachian Trail) and teachers' conferences.
$1,000 gift would fund course preparation for SAT/ACT, Biology equipment and Shakespeare’s literary work.
$500 gift would fund mountain biking (the outdoor program), computer software, and athletic equipment.
$250 gift would fund graphing calculators, maps and compasses, and mountain climbing equipment.
$100 gift would fund lab supplies for Chemistry, educational DVDs, and reference books for the library.

To construct a package gift that is truly meaningful for you and Blue Ridge, please contact Senior Director of Development, JC Ignaszewski.

How Can Your Gift Have a Meaningful Impact? 
The BRS Annual Fund has a unique structure which encourages donors to direct their support to programs and people which mean the most to them. Please contact JC Ignaszewski to review a comprehensive list of options. 

Making a Package Gift:
Recently, many donors have embraced package giving - a combination which includes the Annual Fund and a capital or endowment initiative. 

While supporting the BRS Annual Fund is always encouraged, gifts for the Baron Athletic Complex, endowment funds, and faculty housing are also essential investments. 

“The theater is able to pay royalties on its productions every season as well as repurpose old sets with new paint and hardware, or built entirely new sets with newly purchased materials. Recently, the theater department bought its own tools, which has made production much easier and safer.” – Will McGreal (Performing Arts)